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This is an attempt to collect all available information on Richard Skinner, Sussanah Poulain and their descendents to the year 1800.

Files on individual Skinners can be accessed from the Family Tree included elsewhere. Each person's Family Record includes the following:

Family Record Summary - this is the usual information concerning the peron's birth, death, spouse(s) and children. Each line of information includes a source reference number, in parentheses ( ), that points you to the actual source of that information.

Any source references needed to show the proof of linkage between parents and children are included in the Family Records of the parents. That information is not repeated in the Family Records of the children.

A parent's Family Record may show some details about each child, such as birth, death and spouses. If you see no source references to support those details, it is because the children have their own individual Family Records containing that information.

Biography - this is a chronological listing of all known records pertaining to that individual. Again, each line of information includes a reference number directing you to the source.

Commentary - comments and speculation from me. My interest is to understand more about these people who helped to found this country than just their family trees.

Source References - this is the actual original source materials, copied verbatum.

Materials copied verbatum are enclosed in quotation marks. I identify those situations where source materials have been summarized, without copying them verbatum. A series of dots...... within quoted materials indicates places where I removed irrelevant text. In some cases, I have included my own comments within the quoted material of others. To segregate my comments, they are placed within brackets preceded by my initials [KDS note - this is an example.] .

Much of the source references are the work of other professional and amatuer geneaologists. In the ideal world, their mixture of fact and conclusions would be removed from the files and replaced with the actual original source references that they worked from. I am slowly trying to weed out some of this material as the original source references are found.

Some source materials contained in these files are of limited value. Consequently, they are never referred to, but remain as a part of this permanent on-line collection.



KDS - me

CCG - New Jersey genealogist, whose files are located at Rutgers University and elsewhere. His work is taken from Jersey records and is useful only if you have not visited those records yourself.

GRS - George Richard Stevens

LDS - The Church of Latter Day Saints Library System

VEM - Virginia E. Minotty (deceased 1980's). Virginia did a tremendous amount of work developing a family tree for the Skinners of South Jersey, unrelated to Richard and Susannah. Her work is on file at the Glou. Co, Historical Society, Woodbury, NJ.



Calendar Year -


Geography -

Legal Terms -

Money - L10:2:4 equals 10 pounds, 2 shillings, 4 pence.

Quitrent -

Sheriff - charged with collecting the quitrents

Misc. -